• In this piece the gun is a symbol of Masculine power, representing War and Murder.

    She has employed the Male Technology to destroy her Male Intellect, leaving her Woman’s Elemental Body with it’s powerful, Natural, Protective symbols.
  • "Recently the ability to do or act has been questioned at all levels of society. In 2010 one teenage girl with provocative photos and a twitter account put one of Melbourne’s most powerful Australian Football teams into total panic. Over the past 12 months especially Mother Nature questioned nuclear power with floods, earth quakes and Tsunamis. A month ago the Italian Prime Minister’s pecuniary power over the media was overthrown by the people’s ability to connect through Facebook and Twitter. And this month the most powerful man in owned media was dethroned by the power of social media.

    With all this confusion surrounding the concept of power we asked the artists to create their own authentic expressions on it in the hope that we might all gain a little more perspective."  - The Drawing Book

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An illustrated perspective of the theme Power for a Drawing Book Studios group exhibition in Sydney, Australia.